company profile

Realty Appreciation invests and partners with private and public institutions to establish successful developments that outperform the marketplace by leveraging over 35 years of experience in real estate development to create environments that satisfy and anticipate the wants and needs of people.

Realty Appreciation evaluates every new project through the lens of what is known as a triple-bottom-line: the impact of a project financially, socially, and environmentally.  With this in mind, the company analyzes new projects utilizing a few simple, pragmatic methodologies:

First, Realty Appreciation seeks to undertake actions that contribute to best practices in the real estate business.  Second, the company seeks projects that push it to learn more about the very young “green building” industry, and share what is learned or discovered with others.  Finally, the company seeks projects that help it team with partners who want to join the company in making a difference.  The overall goal is to have a profound, positive impact on the communities that Realty Appreciation develops while leaving a notable lack-of-impact on the environments in which those communities exist.